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This synthetic record: Once you set up the Dynamic DNS synthetic record, you must set up a client program on your host or server (the resource behind the gateway) or on the gateway itself that detects IP address changes and uses the generated username and password and communicate the new address to the Google name servers. IPv6 addresses are typically not dynamically assigned.

Tip: Directing a wild card (*) to a dynamic resource: While you cannot use a wildcard in a Dynamic DNS record, you can direct a wildcard to your naked domain or a particular subdomain with a CNAME record.

[email protected]&domain=yourdomain.tld&password=e747d77054a844409c486973cb&ip= dynamically update the IP address for a subdomain (test.yourdomain.tld), use test for Host (host=test).

To dynamically update it for use www for Host: host=

Whenever an interface changes in some way, DHCP lease renew, PPPo E logout/login, etc, the IP will be updated.

There are many free Dyn DNS services out there, and pf Sense supports more than 15 different providers.

Even this DNS facility still used static lookup tables at each participating node.

Hello, My modems WAN IP address is not updating to No-IP.

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In this case, the URL will have the following format: https://dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/update?

Dynamic DNS allows you to direct your domain or a subdomain to a resource that is behind a gateway that has a dynamically assigned IP address.