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to get him to instantly end his insensitivity and rudeness.Here are the contents on the credit card sized card… Back: To the cardbearer: Please report unwelcome proselytism to the authorities [which is whatever organisation that is appropriate], or email [email protected] advice.She says she’s not interested, but the person is relentless… Scenario #2: A cab-driver relentlessly talks about his religion and why it should be subscribed to, despite the passenger asking him to stop. Realising he might receive a formal complaint, he instantly stops being preachy. Do you, and/or your family and friends need the Happy Buddhist Card? Do share your thoughts and experiences too, on using the Happy Buddhist Card at the comments section of (below). Hi Folks, Randy here again, it is nice to see that this entry has sustained about 2 years of conversations and discussion.I wonder, since it has been about 2 years since the ‘inception’ of this ‘Buddhist card’ idea, how, may i asked has anyone really practically used it? I read with great interest and assurance to know that overall, comments made are constructive and peaceful, even though the limits of this post entry limits the depths of the discussion we can carry on here.

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The most common days of observance are the full moon and the new moon.Front: Picture of the Buddha, Heading: I Am A Happy Buddhist, Text: Just as I respect your religion, may you also respect mine, by not sharing with me what I am not interested in. ‘With good will for the entire universe, cultivate a boundless heart of love, above, below, and all around, unhindered, without enmity or hate.’ – The Buddha (Metta Sutta) [Note that this quote from the Discourse on Loving-Kindness reminds the cardbearer and reader that the card is essentially a message to be shared and received in good faith.] This card is especially for those who might not know how to fend off persistent religious hassling in a clear-cut, serious yet polite way – with no need to argue or be angry.It is not a refuge certificate, but for lending the other party to see. Scenario #1: An old lady is approached by someone at a hospital, who invites her to his place of worship. He reads it, is surprised and backs off respectfully. While we should always be open to amiable inter-religious dialogue in meaningful two-way exchanges, in times when a dialogue is overbearing or one-directional, this card might prove useful.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.At the same time Presidential office and Foreign Mystery rejected the resolution saying that they are doing their best and the investigation task are going on by the national investigation commission led by Vice President Myint Swe.

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