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03-Sep-2017 13:22

Since May 11, the comedian and talk-show host Chelsea Handler has been hawking her wares on Netflix, airing episodes of her new show “Chelsea” Wednesdays through Fridays. The interviews are polite, pat-on-the-back exchanges where the interviewer and interviewee offer each other back-and-forth encouragement.The streaming service doesn’t divulge viewership numbers, but word of mouth on the talk show is abysmal. In June 2014, Handler reportedly inked a million deal with Netflix to produce a stand-up special, a documentary series (“Chelsea Does”) and an entirely novel kind of talk show. Worst of all is a recurring dinner party series where stars like Chris Evans and the cast of “Captain America” talk about their project while eating. Like many outsiders looking in who’ve knocked hard enough on the Hollywood window, Handler’s shattered the glass barrier. Celebrities don’t fear her outlandish questions anymore. She does little to chip away at their carefully crafted Hollywood images, and the chats lumber along as a result.

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—“I’ve never actually been in here before,” she says. Regarding the title of the show, Handler said that "We thought long and hard about the title for my ....